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July 15, 2010     BonnyBleu International of Sunbright, Tennessee, announces a new product line called “SportLaps®.”  SportLaps® are  laptrays with the same basic construction techniques used for Designer Laptrays, but with a sports motif and a more rugged fabric and construction. According to Bonny Baldwin, CEO,  “The SportLaps® series is robust enough to be used as a stadium seat.  An optional over-the-shoulder or carried on the back DayTripperz that even further protects the SportLaps®”,  has been designed and made available,” says Ms. Baldwin.  At this time, the SportLaps® may  be purchased exclusively online at


For Release

August  11, 2008  BonnyBleu® International of Sunbright, Tennessee, announced that it had received official recognition and registration of its “SportLaps®” trademark. This marks a milestone in the branding and protection of the rugged sport laptrays designed and developed by the BonnyBleu® team. Ms. Bonny Baldwin, CEO, stated that these personalized products for the avid sports person will be ready for shipment in the near future.


For Release

March 14, 2008   Today Designer Laptrays, Inc., of Sunbright, Tennessee, announced that it is officially changing its corporate name to BonnyBleu® International.  This change, according to Bonny Baldwin, CEO of the new company,  better reflects the wide distribution of its products and incorporates the BonnyBleu® branding and logo into its products.  No other organizational changes are anticipated.


BonnyBleu® International was formed in 2006 as Designer Laptrays, Inc. It is the developer and manufacturer of the Designer Laptrays, SportLaps®, BigBoot® DayTripperz, Classic Totes, Organizer Totes and previously-announced The Keeperz® product lines. BonnyBleu® International is a privately-held company.


For Release

January 5, 2008   Designer Laptrays, Inc. of Sunbright, Tennessee, announces the introduction of a new product line called “The Keeperz®.”  The Keeperz® are specially designed home-use products, which include:

The Boot Keeperz®, a beautiful, long-boot storage solution which allows boots to dry while preventing the “calf” portion of the boot from bending over;

The Ring Keeperz®, a self-adjusting soft tube that finger rings can be slipped over, insuring safe and secure storage within your purse when traveling.  Supplied with a plush velvet pouch;

The Switch Keeperz®, a clear rigid plastic switch holder that prevents the inadvertent turning on or turning off of an electrical switch; and

The Scrunchy Keeperz®, an attractive, decorative place to keep all your hair scrunchies in a neat and orderly fashion.


The Keeperz® can be purchased online at and in various household catalogs.


The company also announced that other products would be identified later this year.






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