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Ring Keeperz®

Prices starting at :  $9.95

SKU/Item Number: Ring Keeperz® - 10001

BonnyBleu® offers this unique Ring Keeperz® to it’s discriminating clients who wish to protect their rings—on the road or at home.

You will know that the jewels will not be knocked loose  and lost when your Ring Keeperz® is stored in the pouch.


Travel with your treasured rings tucked conveniently and safely in your purse or briefcase.


No longer worry about theft of your jewelry from unsecured luggage.  Just keep it with you!


Safe! Secure! And in your possession!

BonnyBleu®’s Ring Keeperz®

Each Ring Keeperz® is supplied with a soft velvet pouch  to protect and safeguard your rings.





The 5-inch long, cushioned cylinder holds up to 10 ladies’ rings comfortably.


The feet are removable for compact storage.


The detachable little black feet allow you to beautifully balance your Ring Keeperz® on a counter, shelf or in your jewelry case.


Easy to use !  Great for Display!



The pliable drawstrings are secured with tasteful silver-colored metal tips for easy closure of your 7-inch long,  2.5-inch wide travel pouch.


The plush velvet pouch protects even the most delicate of rings.


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