Light-Switch Keeperz®

The Light-Switch Keeperz® are specifically designed and manufactured for BonnyBleu® International. 

Our US based factory uses only the best poly- carbonate materials in the production of our Light-Switch Keeperz®.

Our manufacturing maintains the highest product quality and piece to piece consistency by using steel molds machined to exacting tolerances.

Product Summary

Potential Uses of  Light-Switch Keeperz®


Price: $9.95 per 5-pack


Minimum Order Required

for all Colored Switch Keeperz®.

SKU/Item Number: SWKZ 0101

Attach a Light-Switch Keeperz® to any decorative or conventional switch plate. 


The switch can be kept ON or OFF either full-time or part-time (just push the “Keeperz®”  to the right or to the left to be able to toggle the light switch).

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BonnyBleu® International

111 Clyde Freels Road

Sunbright, Tennessee

Tel: 800-914-1304




Choose colors from RED, YELLOW, ORANGE or CLEAR.   


Mixed packages of assorted colors are also available.


Minimum order of 500 packages required when ordering assorted or single color (non clear) Switch Keeperz®.

A 5-Pack is conveniently packaged in a sealed plastic bag for easy storage.  Each package contains user instructions for easy installation.

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