Nestled between the Tennessee Valley and the Cumberland Plateau hides, in plain sight, a small town called “Sunbright, Tennessee”, home to BonnyBleu® International.


BonnyBleu®   International has developed multiple lines of products that combine the usefulness of “I wish I had one of those” with the good taste of sophisticated designs, colors and materials.


BonnyBleu ®  International presents:



Designer Laptrays




BigBoot® DayTripperz


The Keeperz®


Classic Tote


              Organizer Tote






BonnyBleu® logo and registered trademark is a result of the cooperative effort of the lovely, svelte and talented Irish redhead Bonny Baldwin, the company founder.


BonnyBleu® represents the elegance and sophistication portrayed by all the  product lines.



About Us

BonnyBleu® International is the developer and manufacturer of home and personal–use products. 


The BonnyBleu® product line ranges from items of great beauty  and personalization (Designer Laptrays) to highly functional and rugged utilitarian products for “around the house” use (The Keeperz®).


Corporate Officers


Ms. Bonny Baldwin, CEO

Ms. Bonny Baldwin has a BSBA and MBA in business management and marketing.  Her career spanned 35 years of positions within the corporate structure of the aerospace industry.  She is very well versed in the organizational requirements of a multi-faceted company, works quite well with varying personalities and is a strong team leader.


Mr. Delwyn Anderson, COO

Mr. Anderson is a senior-level executive with 37 years experience as an electrical engineer and engineering executive. Since 1994, he has been involved in numerous national and international telecommunications start-up companies, until he started his own network security products company in 2002. 

Mr. Anderson joined BonnyBleu® in 2006.